I’m a Professional Business Development Expert & Trainer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I love Creativity, Psychology, and Insights. And, from the childhood, technology always attracts me. That’s why I like Marketing. Another side, Business Strategy makes me heartfelt when I study MBA at Jagannath University. So, now Business Development is my Passion.

Research & creative based tasks makes me always energetic. In 2016, a journal is published by Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature (Under Asian Business Consortium, Malaysia); titled “A Comprehensive Study on Prospective Mind Management Sector in Bangladesh: A Case Study on ISOMETRIC Ltd.” Link is here http://i-proclaim.my/archive/index.php/ajhal/article/view/238

First page of the publication

I’ve worked with many prominent companies like- Silva Method, Prime IT, Samurai System Limited, Deft Technologies Limited, Dhaka Soft and so on. These companies help me to sharpen different skills.

Different courses and seminars have enriched my knowledge level. I’ve participated in different courses like- “Affiliate Marketing” at BITM (BASIS Institute of Technology & Management), “Digital Marketing” at CodersTrust and so on. Not only that I have also some accomplishments during these courses. For example-

Letter of Appreciation form BITM

Another thing, I love most- “Empowering people”. I’ve conducted different Training Sessions. When I see success of them (participents) my mind get boost up. Some snapshots of different training sessions-

My university life is fueled by Extracurricular Activities. With some of my warm hearted friends, we’ve formed PROTIDDHONI- a campus based magazine. It is the first multi-classified magazine of Jagannath University. The magazine was the spokesman of the students and teachers. It conveys the news and views of Art, Culture and Education. 

I am very grateful to you for your patience reading.

Have a nice day.


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